Exhibited at La Polimage 2

Animation and Installation Art

Our work shows an audiovisual metamorphosis of metals and plants. A video installation projected onto four surrounding screens shows metal, which we perceive as a rigid and lifeless material, transforming into organic and lively forms. Parallel to the videos, an interactive auditory installation provides a dialogue in which the visitors can participate by producing noises on pads placed around the installation in the middle of the room.


Audiovisuall compilation of Animations and interactive Plastic arts.
Leonie Selen Schmid, Clara Ibach, Selina Marrero


Architecture Magazine

Design Concept
Design concept for a fictitious architecture magazine called "Konstrukt" for the occasion Bauhaus’ 100th anniversary. This edition focuses on New Objectivity in Basel.

Design: Leonie Schmid, Clara Ibach, Simon Hämmerli
Photography: Bettina Matthiessen
Format: 210 x 297 mm
Date: June 
Neues Kino Basel

Monthly Program


As part of a fictitious work we designed a monthly program for the “Neues Kino Basel”. Based on the hierarchy of the text blocks we created a calendar and a front page that can be used as a poster.

Design: Leonie Schmid, Clara Ibach
Format: DIN A3
Date: October 2016

Fisherman's Friend

Book Cover

Cover Design
Design of a book cover for the thriller “Fisherman's Friend”, by Ingrid Noll. The fish scale pattern and different rectangle areas refer to the conflicts and contrasting personalities of the protagonists in the story.

Design: Leonie Schmid
Format: 362 x 198 mm
Printing: Screen printing
Date: February 2018

Pilatus Bahn


Poster Design
Poster designed for the public transport company Pilatus Bergbahnen AG

Design: Leonie Schmid
Technique: Collage, analouge and digital elements
Format: DIN A2
Date: February 2019